Another Russian vistory over the Austrian army

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 27

TCD MS 10247/12/47 folio 27

Septr 11th [1914] Friday

Chilly & windy though sunny. Showers in the afternoon. Continued good news. German right wing being turned round & seeming to be now definitely retreating. It is now said that the “Pathfinder” was sunk by a German submarine. Another Russian victory over the Austrian army near Lublin reported. J. heard from Willy Clarke today that there is going to be a great rise in glass & that lamp-chimneys are already hardly to be had. We have only one left for our small lamps! Must try to get some from Sutton tomorrow if possible. Isabel Fitzherbert said her brother had been ordered to the front i.e his detachment of the 5th Irish Horse & got to Dublin on Saty last I think, where the orders were cancelled & they do not know where they will be sent now.

Septr 12th

Cold & rainy. War news continues good. There is some uneasiness about Turkey cancelling the ‘capitulations’ i.e. making foreigners subject to Turkish authority instead of to their own embassies as hitherto. Had tea at Fan-na- Greine. Cousin M. said with great feeling that she always thought it would make such a beautiful interesting story with such a nice end; she had it all laid out in her mind & that was if the Kaiser could be taken prisoner & she would have him put in a cage & displayed!

Charlie heard a startling tale from Evie Barron that it had been discovered that one of the French generals turns out to be a German spy & it was [diary ends here]