A staff open car stops and asks me if I am going in

1st December 1915

To Orderly Room early to learn if leave sanctioned. Later told by O. Room that Brigade had sanctioned leave to the town. Went out with Jones and a mess servant ?B Coy – to road. Delightful way of doing things in this country that I think I will introduce into Dublin. A motor ambulance comes along and I halt it, ask if it is going toward Salonika and get in. It dumps me a mile or so down the road where it waits for 10 minutes. I pass on and stop another get in as far as it is going. Get out of it at its journey end and walk on. This time there is a change: a staff open car stops and asks me if I am going in, and takes me in the rest of the way. Have a bath, visit the Field Cashier, lunch, knock about the town, do a little shopping and go to the ?Roma for chocolate, wander up to the Bank of Athens, draw more pay in a clandestine fashion and so home. Move definitely off. 12 hour notice removed.
Longish post: letters from Ellen, Marjory, Aunt Lucy – Marjory coming out here! Paper from Father giving me first news of Grandfather’s death and burial. Parcel with cake chocolate and cigarettes from Harold Cole whose address I have unfortunately lost.
Walter Prentice in Cork with 4th Connaughts. No word if Wilfie is in France.
Weather much warmer. Thaw complete.