A regular blizzard right through the night

TCD MS 10247/1/831 folio 1 recto

TCD MS 10247/1/831 folio 1 recto

13 April 1917

Signal School 1st Army

Dear Mother

I have been getting grand budgets of letters lately, which always give great delight. I have two grand letters from yourself with some most excellent chocolate in one – also one from V & one from Em which I rather think I acknowledged through V. Certainly I had nearly given up attempting to understand the weather – e.g. Wed – well into April and started a bitter cold windy day, and midday started to rain which soon turned to snow and continued almost steady, a regular blizzard right through the night to next morning – sickening for the present work against the Hun – anyway today at last was a real perfect spring day, the wind quite moderate & drying & hardly a cloud. I went for a short walk this evening and everything was looking simply grand. I do hope you are having the same.

By the way you talk of not strafing Hunland well I suppose when one thinks of it somberly it is the thing – but I must say I’ve often longed for the days – when there’s a nice smugly prosperous German town in front – Cologne from accounts would do well to begin on – and then give us unlimited ammun[itio]n long days and good observation.