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Digital Reunification

The Fagel Collection at the Library of Trinity College is the best-known and arguably the most visible legacy of the Fagels. Traces of the Fagels and their collections can, however, be found at numerous places in The Hague, ranging from their mansion at the Noordeinde, the offices of the States General at the Binnenhof, and their correspondence and state documents at the National Archives. To fully understand the significance of the private library that has been in Dublin since 1802, the scattered Fagliana in The Hague should be taken into consideration.

Digital reunification is a slow process that starts with a proper investigation of the various surviving sources and collections that are part of the Fagel legacy. In the long run one would hope to have full access to all these sources, not necessarily via a Fagel project website, but by means of the digital platforms of Trinity College, the KB National Library of the Netherlands and partners.

A genealogy of the families Fagel and Dierquens. Manuscript. House of the Book, 017 A 003.

Our ambition here is to give a broad overview of what sources are currently available for scholars interested in the history and collections of the Fagels.