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Announcing a Second Series of Fagel Videos

Series of videos about the Fagel Collection at the Library of Trinity College Dublin

A series of nine videos is being launched today which will showcase some of the finest items from the Fagel collection. Trinity College Dublin academics and Library staff share their expertise and provide behind-the-scenes insight into the conservation, cataloguing and digitization of one of the jewels of the Library’s collections.

When the private book collection of Hendrik Fagel the Younger was bought for and arrived at Trinity College Dublin in May 1802, its Library suddenly grew in size by 40%. By the mid-nineteenth century the shelves of the Old Library were full, and more space was required. In the subsequent remodelling, the Fagel collection was kept together as a discrete collection in its own wing. Part of this structure can still be seen in the form of a caged area of shelving at the top of the stairs that leads from the Book of Kells exhibition to the Long Room.

The story of the arrival, impact, importance of the Fagel Collection at the Library, as well as ongoing work within it, will be explored in the series of videos shot in and around the Library.

View of shelving within the ‘Fagel Cage’ in the Library of Trinity College Dublin

See already the trailer and the first video of the new series featuring the Fagel collection in the Library of Trinity College Dublin.  From October 5th, 2021, a video will be launched every second week on the following themes:

  • 1: Arrival of the collection in Dublin
  • 2: Arrival at Trinity College Dublin and evolution of the Library
  • 3: The Fagel Pamphlets
  • 4: Books dedicated and gifted to the Fagels
  • 5: The Fagels and Architecture
  • 6: Books as conversation starters
  • 7: Conservation of items in the collection
  • 8: Digitisation plans and processes
  • 9: Future possibilities for the collection

These videos build on a first first series of eight videos which were shot at significant and recognisable locations in The Hague where traces of the Fagels’ working life and family history can still be found across the city.

Please subscribe to the respective YouTube channels of the Library of Trinity College and the KB, National Library of the Netherlands for new videos and regular updates.