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Political History

A Discoverie of the State of Ireland

Titlepage of A Discoverie of the State of Ireland... by Sir John Davies, [London], 1613. Y.i.41

The quantity of the material relating to politics in Northwestern Europe is immense. There are massive strengths in Irish, British, Dutch and French works.

Irish and British

  • Excellent holdings of pamphlets in the collections given by Bishop Stearne, Claudius Gilbert, and in the Crofton Collection
  • 19th-century material is found in the Larcom pamphlets and Bushe collection, as well as in the general catalogue
  • The English Civil war is well represented in a collection which may have belonged to the crooked judge Jerome Alexander, and also in the Gilbert Collection
  • A very good collection of pamphlets relating to the politics of the 1670s and 1680 is contained in the Gilbert Collection
  • 18th-century political works including memoirs and pamphlets are present in quantity
  • The Journals of Parliament in Ireland and Great Britain provide a formal record of political business


  • Holdings of French politics cover from the 16th to the mid 19th century
  • A fine range of Mazarinades is contained in the Gilbert and Fagel Collections
  • Holdings on the Revolution amount to about 13,000 items


  • Trinity College has one of the most comprehensive collections in existence on Dutch politics.
  • This collection, the Fagel Collection, contains thousands of works relating to the politics of the Netherlands from the revolt against Spain in 1567 to the end of the 18th century