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The Library’s collections of caricature prints cover the period from c.1780 to the 20th century. The collection has two mains strengths:

  • Material relating to Ireland and the Irish in England
  • French caricature of the period 1798 - 1830

The Irish-related section:

  • Has at its core a collection formed by Nicholas Robinson, which is particularly rich in caricatures of the Trinity College Dublin-educated politician and political philosopher, Edmund Burke
  • Includes many later items dealing with the politics of Catholic Emancipation
  • Also includes many social caricatures

The French section:

  • Has at its core the Glucksman collection of some 700 items, many of which relate to Napoleon
  • Includes more recent purchases such as French anti-clerical images from the 1820s

The caricature prints are complemented by the contents of such English periodicals as Punch, Judy and the Irish periodicals Pat, Zoz, Zozimus and the Lepracaun.