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#7 Musical Chairs – The Music Library’s Sojourns in the Berkeley

Our Music Librarian, Roy Stanley, gives a brief account of the award-winning Music Library

Almost from the moment it opened in 1967 the New Library was being adapted for new uses as the needs of the College changed.

The Music Library was first set up as a distinct unit within the Library in 1971, using two rooms in the ‘Library Annexe’ – an area of the basement in the Berkeley Library with a separate side entrance opposite the Museum Building. Continue reading “#7 Musical Chairs – The Music Library’s Sojourns in the Berkeley”

#3 What Might Have Been 1

The appeal for funds for the new library was wide-ranging, and in the great tradition of universities looking for funds, Trinity turned towards its alumni with 11,000 copies of the pamphlet Extension of the College Library: An appeal to our graduates printed and sent to graduates in 1957.

The main image above shows a detail from that booklet, subtitled “How the new building might look”. It’s a very different realisation of what would be appropriate for the space that eventually housed the Berkeley – but it’s easy to see why, nestled between the Old Library and the Museum Building, this might be thought the appropriate tack to take.

Continue reading “#3 What Might Have Been 1”