A key part of the Berkeley50 project is to invite you to send your Berkeley images and stories to us.

To send us a digital image (up to 20MB) add it as an attachment to an e-mail and send it to this website’s webmaster,  Greg Sheaf, at The higher quality the image the better, and the more likely we can feature it.

With the image, we’d need to know (roughly) when it was taken, and if there is a story to go with it, so much the better! We are especially interested in photos of:

  • The Berkeley being constructed.
  • The turning of the sod in 1963.
  • The opening ceremony in 1967.
  • The Berkeley before the Arts Building and/or Ussher Library were built.
  • The entrance foyer.
  • The Iveagh Hall.
  • The Exhibition Hall, that was open until 1977.
  • The concrete counters that were in place in the foyer and Iveagh Hall.

If you have a physical image you’d like to contribute, please mail it to:

Greg Sheaf
Ussher Library
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2.

A contact telephone number and e-mail address are useful so we can discuss the image if needed.
Unless you indicate you would prefer otherwise, we will add the physical copies to the College Archives. If you would prefer not to donate the hard copy photograph, ensure you include a return address so we can return it to you and please indicate the photograph is to to be returned.

Images contributed to the Berkeley50 project will have a Creative Commons licence in their digital form – this is the standard on crowdsourcing initiatives like this. For more details see our Terms & Conditions page.

Main image: Postcard of the Berkeley Library, pre-1978, contributed by Iris Bedford. The south elevation is rarely seen in photographs.