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#18 Appetite for Destruction

As we saw last time, the Iveagh Hall was crammed to bursting before it was refurbished. In truth, the publicly accessible areas of it were still crammed *after* refurbishment; the years since 2002 have seen a steady stream of moves of material into, out of, and around the Iveagh Hall. We’ll look at that, and the future of the space, later!

Here’s the architects’ vision of the Hall – which users of the Berkeley of the last 15 years will recognise.

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#16 The Inner Sanctum

From 1967 up until 2002, when entering the Berkeley’s foyer, to your right was the Librarian’s Office, and that of the Deputy Librarian, behind a wall and door. Before the Berkeley was built, the Librarian’s Office was in the west end of the Old Library, in what is now called the Henry Jones Room. We saw this in the video of students swearing the Library oath in the last post.

There are very few images of the interior of the Librarian’s Office, but former Librarian Peter Fox took a video of it before he left in 1994 to become Librarian of Cambridge University Library:

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