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#5 When All This Was Fields

The area where the Berkeley Library was eventually built was once a copse of trees, facing into College into the area known as Fellows’ Gardens – now, Fellows’ Square.

The 1957 pamphlet, Extension of the College Library: An appeal to our graduates, had featured an aerial photo, with a legend illustrating parts of the College – and a cutout rendition of the proposed library, matching the drawing we saw in #3 What Might Have Been 1.

In 1960, International architectural competition for a new library building set out guidelines for architects to submit their designs. The main aerial image in this page is taken from that.

The following block plan was included – north is to the top:

Compare this with a modern plan of Trinity and you can see how College has changed in the last six decades – even this is now out of date, with Luce Hall demolished in 2016, and a huge redevelopment underway at the East End of campus and Pearse Street.