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Have you ever wanted to live abroad, discover a new culture, improve your language skills and study in depth the laws of a different legal system? If so then the Erasmus/exchange programme might be exactly what you are looking for.

The Law School has an extensive exchange programme with over 30 prestigious Law Schools across Europe, North America, Australia and the Far East. Law students are permitted to study abroad in their Junior Sophister year. Students can study abroad for the full year or for one semester.
Students continue to pay Trinity fees, in so far as these are required, but pay no fees to the host university. An Erasmus mobility grant is provided for students studying in a European university. There is no financial support for students attending universities outside the EU.

Law students have two options:

  1. Apply for European Erasmus and Non-European exchanges of the Law School (see partner universities)
  2. Apply for Non-EU College-wide exchange via the Academic Registry to Australian National University (Canberra)National University of Singapore, the University of Queensland and the University of Toronto.

Law and Political Science students have two options:

  1. Apply for European Erasmus exchanges via the Law School with the selected universities in Helsinki, Sciences Po ParisStrasbourgBolognaBerlin.
  2. Apply for Non-EU College-wide exchange via Academic Registry to Australian National University (Canberra)National University of Singapore and the University of Queensland.

Law and Business students have two options:

  1. Apply for Non-EU and European Erasmus exchanges via the Law School with the selected universities in OhioStrasbourgUppsalaMadrid, Berlin.
  2. Apply for Non-EU College-wide exchange via Academic Registry to the University of Queensland for the full academic year, or one semester, and study Law and Business modules. Apply for one semester Michaelmas term exchange and study Business modules only in 13 non-EU Universities. The full list can be found on the Business School Study Abroad Webpage (scroll down to College-wide International Exchanges):
Law and Language students:
Only eligible to study in France or Germany and have to apply through, after consulting with the Law and Language Coordinators.

Partner Universities

For a list of the universities available to each law degree programme with the language of instruction and number of places available, please follow this link:

Law School Erasmus and Exchange Programme 2019/20


Eligibility and Requirements

Law, Law and Business and Law and Political Science



The Law School allocates places using a competitive selection process. It is primarily based on the results of Junior Freshman examinations. Applicant students are ranked in order of their JF results and offered the highest of their preference that is available to them. Candidates must also submit a motivational letter and CV when applying. Language skills are also taken into consideration if required. Interviews are only organised for Indiana University to select the best candidate. Studying abroad is demanding and requires high levels of academic ability and dedication in order to adapt, succeed and reap the rewards. The allocation of places is strictly subject to the student attaining at least a II.I grade in their forthcoming Senior Freshman examinations. 

Students should understand that they will need to work hard while abroad. Our partner universities have very high standards, and the results which students attain abroad, will, after conversion into Trinity grades by the Law School’s Court of Examiners, count for a significant proportion of each exchange student’s degree. For Law, Law and Business and Law and Political Science students who choose to spend their third year abroad, just as for those who stay in Trinity, the Junior Sophister year counts for 50% of each student’s final degree mark. For these reasons, the year abroad must be taken seriously. However, experience has shown that the Trinity Law students who go abroad tend to be very able and motivated and acquit themselves very well, as well as enjoying all the other benefits of the experience.

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Law and Language students

Law and Language students are required to take part in the exchange programme in their Junior Sophister year. Students will spend the year abroad studying legal or related subjects in a French or German university.

35 per cent of Law and Language students’ final degree marks will be awarded on the basis of grades obtained during this year.



How to Apply

Deadline to apply is 5pm on Monday 17th December 2018.*

1. Carefully read the following documents - :

2. If you agree to abide by the rules and requirements and personal declaration for study abroad, you must complete and send the following documents electronically to

a. Application Form  /  Law and Language Application Form

b. Motivational Letter - max 500 words outlining key reasons why you wish to study abroad, both academic and personal, and why you would be a good ambassador for Trinity College Dublin (not applicable to Law and Language students)

c. CV (not applicable to Law and Language students)

d. Signed Personal Declaration for Study Abroad form

If you are applying to Indiana University, Bloomington, you will be asked to complete an interview in mid January. Please include in your motivational letter why you wish to study at Indiana University, Bloomington.

*Note Law and French/Law and German students have a later deadline of 5pm Monday 14th January 2019 to apply for the Erasmus Programme.

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If you have any queries, your first point of contact is the International and Visiting Student Office in Room 0.1C in House 39. If you have an academic-related query, please contact the relevant Erasmus Coordinators below:

Administrative Queries

Celine Walsh - International and Visting Student Executive Officer

Office Hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday

11-1, 2-4



Room 0.1C: International and Visiting Student Office

Phone: 00353-1-896-2296

Email: at


Academic Queries

Dr. Caoimhin MacMaolain - Erasmus Coordinator for Outgoing Trinity Students

Office Hours: 

Tuesday 10-11

Wednesday 10-11

Room 1.6

Phone: 00353-1-896-2587

Email: macmaolc (at 


Dr. Eoin O'Dell - Erasmus Coordinator for Incoming Visiting Students

Office Hours:



Room 5015 Arts Building

Phone: 00353-1-896-1178

Email: odelle (at