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Using technologies in teaching spaces

This page will help you get started using services and technologies for delivering your course content. The three main methods for delivering teaching are:

  1. Recording and streaming In-Person sessions (lectures and seminars)
  2. Online live sessions (webinars)
  3. Pre-recorded online delivery (online videos)

Click on the headings in the table below to expand each section. You will find other resources, links, and FAQs at the bottom of this page.

1. Recording and Streaming In-Person Sessions

In-Person lectures and seminars will take place on campus during the academic year with social distancing and safety measures in place. These sessions can be live-streamed and should be recorded for students who cannot attend in-person.

Recorded and Streamed In-Person Sessions

Student Interaction

No / Limited

Technologies Record lecture using Panopto in Blackboard in a supported teaching space (*) Panopto in Blackboard
Accessibility Automated captioning will be applied to the recording when using Panopto in Blackboard. Captions - Panopto in Blackboard

In-Person Seminars and Labs

Student Interaction Yes
Technologies Panopto in a supported teaching space (*) Panopto in Blackboard
Accessibility Recording, with closed captions, through Panopto in Blackboard Panopto in Blackboard

2. Online Live Sessions

Online live sessions involve hosting webinars with your students in cases where an in-person lecture or seminar is not possible.The two sections below outline the teaching and technology options for fully-online lectures and seminars.

Fully Online Lectures and Seminars

Student Interaction No / limited; didactic style delivery.
Technologies Collaborate Ultra is the primary tool for delivering online live sessions and is fully supported by IT Services. You may also find Teams useful.

Collaborate Ultra


Accessibility Recordings can be uploaded into Panopto to generate subtitles or in-built subtitles can be generated using some browsers such as Google Chrome. Please note: You might find that the automated subtitles can contain inaccuracies particularly around technical terms and words; it may be necessary to provide lecture slides and content to ensure that students have the correct information available.

3. Pre-Recorded Online Delivery

Pre-recorded online delivery involves creating lectures and videos that students can watch at their own time and pace. You can incorporate quizzes and related activities alongside your video in Blackboard. We generally recommend you 'chunk' your videos into sections with videos of about 5-15 minutes each on specific topics.

Recorded Lectures and Videos

Student Interaction

No / limited; didactic delivery

Technologies Panopto (all recordings should be hosted in your Blackboard module's Panopto folder and not uploaded directly to Blackboard itself) Panopto in Blackboard
Accessibility Record lecture using Panopto. Automated captioning will be applied to the recording. Recording, with closed captions, made available in Blackboard Learn. Panopto