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Trinity Web Systems - Frequently Asked Questions

What follows is a list of common questions associated with the service. To Login to the Trinity Web Systems site please visit the TCD Web Systems login page.

General Information

Q. What is the Trinity Web Systems site?
A. The Trinity Web Systems site, formerly known as the TCD Portal, allows online access to services such as Research Support System (RSS), Telephone System, Asset Register, University Register and the Archived Student Search within the Student Information System (SIS).

Q. What happened to the old TCD Portal?
A. Many of the services previously available on the TCD Portal are now available on the SITS web portal. These include the Student Information System, Graduate Admissions, Undergraduate Admissions, Student Finder, TCD Number Ranges and the Residential Accommodation System.

Q. How do I access the Trinity Web Systems site?
A. The Trinity Web Systems site is located at Before logging in for the first time new users must Register. Once registered you only have to click Login. Registration and subsequent logon requires a valid Trinity username and network login password for the COLLEGE domain.

Q. Who can access the Trinity Web Systems site?
A. The Trinity Web Systems can be accessed by any registered Trinity staff or student. Please note that once logged in to the Trinity Web Systems, actions are recorded and may be audited.

Q. Can I access the Trinity Web Systems site from off campus?
A. Yes, the Trinity Web Systems can be accessed from any device with internet access by registered Trinity users. To login or register on the Local Web Portal from off-campus (and without a VPN connection) you will be promopted to login via the Microsoft login page and then subsequently via the Local Portal login.

Q. What services does the Trinity Web Systems site provide?
A. The Trinity Web Systems contains a wide range of services. The Web Systems listed depend on the status of the logged in user. Users have access to different services and to different information within services depending on their status. Services include the following:

Archived Student Search within Student Information System (SIS)
The Archived Student Search is the only functionality from the SIS which remains on the Web Systems site until this too is made available in the web portal. All other SIS functionality such as student search, class lists and timetabling are available on the SITS web portal.

Research Support System (RSS)
This is the central system for information on Researchers and their publications. It allows you to record your publications and maintain your CV and it links seamlessly to an Institutional Repository which can hold the full text of your publications in a manner searchable from the public Web.

Telephone Directory
This is also known as the Peoplefinder and can be seen at

Asset Register
Register of all Trinity assets worth over €1000. For more information visit

Data Warehouse
The Data Warehouse allows queries on staff members and displays publicly available information on them.


Access to services is determined by the Senior Lecturer. In the event of your wishing to query your access entitlement or to request additional access to services, please contact the Vice Provost's Office. Please note that IT Services has no jurisdiction to add/amend access entitlements to Trinity Web Systems applications.


Q. I can’t login to the Trinity Web Systems
A. Confirm that you have registered for Trinity Web Systems using your Trinity username and network login password. If not, then register via the 'Register' button on the main Trinity Web Systems login page.

If you still cannot gain access after registering then make sure you are using the correct username and password i.e. the username for the COLLEGE domain and the network login password for the COLLEGE domain - not the Computer Science domain or any other domain.

If you have confirmed the username and password are correct and still cannot gain access your account may have become 'locked out' due to too many unsuccessful attempts to enter your password. In this case you can unlock your account using TCD Password Manager, if you have signed up for this service, you can wait 4 hours for the account to unlock itself, or you can call in person to the IT Service Desk.

Q. I can login but I can't access the web systems I need?
A. If you have recently changed department or role, the access entitlements accorded to the new role may not yet have been fully processed by Human Resources. In addition, once processed it generally takes another day for your Trinity Web Systems access permissions to become available.

If you still have need of assistance contact the IT Service Desk. They will log a ticket in their system, and contact you in due course.

More information:
Vice Provost's Office
Changing your password


Users of these systems should be aware that their actions are recorded and may be audited.
For system support email
Last updated: January 26, 2022