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Summer Safe IT Tips

Beach with text: summer safe IT tips to keep your devices safe and secure

The summer is a great time to relax and unwind but it's important you don't overlook your tech. Our Summer Safe IT Tips page has been setup to help you keep yourself secure this summer to protect your accounts and data against cyber criminals. Check back in everyday this week to see what tips we have for you.

Day 1 - Passwords and backing up your data



Don't reveal your passwords to anyone else. Your Trinity computer account and network login password act as your identity on the Trinity network and restrict access to your College email and other Trinity services available to you. Guard your passwords and always change them if you suspect that they have become known to others.

Learn more about your Trinity computer account

Backup your data

Backup your files and devices regularly - doing so, will help you recover the latest version of any lost or damaged data. If you backup using a Cloud-based app then if your device is lost or stolen you will have access from any device.

Learn more about DATA BACKUP

Day 2 - Phishing and downloading attachments or files


Today we will focus on the importance of protecting yourself against phishing and downloading attachments or files from unsolicited emails or websites. In the below video, our IT security expert Amir Bijedic talks about how cyber criminals are taking advantage of the unfamiliar situation caused by the global pandemic.


Be vigilant to the possibility of phishing when reading emails. Treat any email that asks for your username and password details with extreme caution and be mindful of emails which contain hyperlinks to rogue websites.

Learn more about PHISHING

Downloading attachments or files

Exercise caution when downloading or opening files from unsolicited emails or websites. If you receive an email with attachments you were not expecting, check with the sender before you download and open.

Similarly if you are downloading free software or other content from the internet be mindful that such files may contain hidden or "trojan" viruses which could infect your PC.

Also, don't forget to be careful when your web browser prompts you to install software or other files. If in doubt, close and relaunch the browser and visit the relevant website to download the software from the reliable source.

Day 3 - Updates for your devices and staying protected


The below tips cover how to keep your devices up to date and protected.

Updates for your devices

Stay current on software security updates for your devices. All software companies are constantly releasing patches and updates to fix security issues, as well as other flaws discovered in their products. These flaws are what virus writers and hackers exploit to gain access to your data. Make sure you stay ahead of the hackers and keep you software up-to-date.


Staying protected

Make sure you have anti-virus software installed on your devices and ensure they are running up-to-date virus definitions. Be sure to turn on password or PIN protection for your devices, to ensure your data is much safer if they do get lost or stolen.


Day 4 - Tech Simplified: Everyday tech Questions by LinkedIn Learning


Check out the course "Tech Simplified: Everyday tech Questions" on LinkedIn Learning that answers simple questions you may have about IT security, including:

  • Can I trust the Wi-Fi in my coffee shop?
  • What do I do when my data gets breached?
  • What do I do when I get a blackmail email?
  • How do I know if an email offer is legitimate?
  • Should I give my Wi-Fi password to houseguest?

These are just a few of the topics covered in the course. To access full video playlist, click on the image below.

LinkedIn Learning Course page for Tech Simplified: Everyday tech questions

About LinkedIn Learning

All students and staff at Trinity College Dublin have full, free, and unlimited access to this online library that teaches the latest software tools, business and creative skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognised industry experts. You can access the tutorials at

Learn more about LINKEDIN LEARNING

Day 5 - What you need to know to keep your devices safe this summer


This week we've highlighted bite-sized IT security tips that can help you ensure the safety, security and operation of your devices this summer! Check out the recap video below for a reminder of what we've gone through this week.