Username and Passwords

Username & Password

Student Username & Password

Your username and password are vital keys to many essential services in Trinity College Dublin.

They are required when accessing many IT services in Trinity, including:

Your username should not be confused with your email address, as your email address ends in
For example is the email address, and blogsja is the username. If you are asked for your username to access a Trinity IT service please ensure the information you give does not end in

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How do I get my username & password?

Once you complete online registration at, you will get a unique Trinity username, and an initial password.

  • Check your intray messages at after you have completed online registration for a message with the subject ‘Your Trinity Computer Account’. If you cannot see this message, please click the ‘All Messages’ link.

You will need this username to check your email, gain access to Trinity Wi-Fi, use the Library services online and more.

Setting your own password

The intray message received at provides instructions on setting your network login password.

  1. You can do this by visiting and clicking the ‘Set Password’ link.
  2. You’ll then enter your username and initial password, before being brought to a new web page where you can enter and verify a new password of your choice.

By following these instructions, you will be setting your password for a range of IT systems in Trinity which you will need access to, including your password for MyZone, the student email service. You won’t be able to access MyZone until you have set your own password.

For security, your initial password must be changed within 14 days of your first login to a computer in Trinity. If you do not set your own password then you will receive an email from IT Services advising you of this password expiry and how to proceed.

Managing your password

Signing up with the TCD password Manager service will help you out in the event that you ever need to unlock your account or if you need to change your password if you have forgotten it. To find out more see

We recommend you change your password regularly and, if you know your current password, you can do so at any time by clicking the ‘Set Password’ link at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am trying to access my MyZone account for the first time and my password doesn't work.

A. Have you changed your password from the initial password given to you in your intray message? If not please follow the instructions above in "Setting your own password"

Q. I am trying to set a new password but I keep getting errors.

A. Make sure you are meeting the password rules. Passwords must:

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • have a mix of upper & lowercase characters
  • include at least one numeric character OR a special character such as ! @ $ % * _ - + = ~
  • must not include £ € : ? | space
  • must not include part of your first name, last name or username

Q. When trying to use my network login password I’m getting a message that my account is locked.

A. Your account will become locked out if the system detects that someone has repeatedly attempted to login using your username and an incorrect password. If your account becomes locked out you have three options:

  • You may wait 4 hours and your account will be unlocked automatically
  • You may call in person to the IT Service Desk in Áras an Phiarsaigh with your student ID card

Q. My password won’t work.

A. On the keyboard check that CAPSLOCK isn’t turned on by mistake. Also check that NUMLOCK is on if you are using the number keypad.

Another possibility is that your account may be locked out, please see the advice above.

Alternatively, if you haven’t set your own password and you are having problems logging in, then your initial password may have expired. Please visit, click ‘Set Password’ and enter your username and initial password, then set your own new password.

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Trinity IT & Network Code of Conduct

When using the IT facilities in Trinity you are bound by Trinity’s IT & Network code of conduct. The main thing to remember is that you must never give your login details to anyone else - as you are responsible for actions carried out under your login.

IT Security - Phishing

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of 'phishing' emails. These can often appear to be coming from a legitimate source but please note - we’ll never directly ask you for your login details via email. For more information on phishing, check out our IT Security section. Be watchful for phishing emails that ask you to ‘update,’ ‘validate,’ or ‘confirm’ your account information and if in doubt contact the IT Service Desk.

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