TCD Connect

TCDconnect - Connecting your Computer, Phone or Tablet.


The TCDconnect service allows students to connect their computer, mobile phone or tablet to the Trinity Wi-Fi (or wired network) to get fast, secure internet access. Wi-Fi is available across most areas of Trinity College.

  • Wi-Fi connection is available in most areas throughout Trinity - see our Wi-Fi coverage information for full details.
    As well as Wi-Fi, wired data network connections are available in residences

  • When registering your device for this service it must meet certain security and Wi-Fi requirements.
    After you have met the security requirements, your device will be safer to use on any network and your personal data and any course­work will be safer.

  • The self-registration and connection process is outlined on the TCDconnect process web pages.
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Who can connect?

  • Students can connect to the TCDconnect service once they have completed online registration at, and have a valid Trinity username and password.

  • New students should note, that you are provided with your Trinity username and password in an intray message on your after completing online registration there.

Which devices can connect?

Details of the requirements, are on the main TCDconnect service web pages.

  • Computers & devices running the following operating systems: Windows 8/10, macOS 10.10+, Linux, Google Chrome OS (on Chromebook devices)

  • Smartphone and Tablet Operating Systems: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows RT & Kindle

Is there anything I should do before I get on campus?


Before you are on campus, if you already have an internet connection you can check that your Windows or macOS computer will meet the security requirements during the TCDconnect registration process.

From the remote registration site you can download a program, called Bradford Disolvable Agent, which will identify if your computer is running a supported operating system, or if your Windows laptop/PC has supported antivirus software, or requires any updates installed, before you connect to the Trinity network via the TCDconnect service.
It is important you do this at home or on a network outside the Trinity network, as it can take time to install updates and these are vital to ensure you can register and safely use the TCDconnect network.

Where can I connect?

Wi-Fi Locations

  • On Campus Locations: Most areas of Trinity have Wi-Fi coverage, while high-density Wi-Fi coverage is provided in busy areas such as the Burke Theatre, the Ussher Library, and the Buttery.
  • Residences: Wi-Fi is available in all Trinity residences.

Wired Connections:

  • Residences: If you are based in one of the Trinity residences ( Houses 2-3, 7-9, 11-20, 22-26, 28, 30,
    33- 38, 40, 47-52, Goldsmith Hall and Trinity Hall, Dartry) then you may connect your computer to the Wi-Fi or to the ‘wired’ service using the network point which you will find on the wall of your residence.

  • A network card and ethernet cable, sometimes referred to as a network cable, are required. Cables may be obtained from the Student’s Union shop.

Where can I get help?

A great place to start is the TCDconnect Frequently Asked Questions. Here the answers to most TCDconnect issues can be found.

IT Services runs a TCDconnect support service with dedicated Network Access Advisors on hand to help out.  You can bring your laptop or mobile device if you need assistance with the connection process.  Visit our Network Clinic page to find out more about when and where this service is available.

Informational video on TCDconnect service and how to connect your device.

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