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Tip 6 - Staying in Touch

Staying in Touch

Find out more about your Trinity student email address.

What is MyZone?

As a student at Trinity, you will receive a Trinity email address. It looks a lot like Gmail, but we call it MyZone. Once you graduate, you’ll have your Trinity email address for as long as you choose to use it.

You’ll notice that your Trinity IT username is the prefix in your email address. So, for example, if your username is JBLOGGS then your email address is

While studying, you will receive all official Trinity communications at your Trinity email address so you are expected to check it regularly.

Learn more about MyZone

Unlimited storage space and other features in MyZone

MyZone offers unlimited storage space and includes other features such as calendar, contacts, Google Drive and much more.

As part of MyZone, Google Drive has unlimited online storage which allows you to create new documents and upload files. Files can be created and uploaded to Google Drive from any location, at home or in college, and are available from any internet-connected device.

Learn more about Drive

Logging into your email for the first time

To access your Trinity email account for the first time you need to have completed the following three steps:

  1. Go to and begin online registration
  2. Get your Trinity computer account username and initial password from your intray message
  3. Set your password for the first time

When you have completed the above steps, you can log into your email at

After signing into MyZone for the first time, you will be asked to set up Two Step Sign-In.

We recommend you use a web browser and not the Gmail App when using the service for the first time.

You can access your Calendar and Drive via the Apps icon in the top right of the screen. Settings, support and options are available via the settings icon also in the top right of the screen.

Log on to

Getting Help with MyZone

Our website has more information about MyZone, including the service outline and information about setting and resetting your password.

MyZone FAQ

Visit the G Suite Learning Centre for guides, announcements, and video training directly from Google. As the MyZone service is provided by Google it can be affected by any global issues concerning Google Apps such as Gmail; check the G Suite Status Dashboard for reported issues and resolution times.

G Suite Learning Centre