MyZone - Trinity Email Service for Students

As a student at Trinity, you will receive an ‘’ email address. It’s a lot like Gmail, because it is provided by Google, but we call it MyZone. You get unlimited space to store your email and data files, and you get to keep your email address for life.

Official Communications: you will receive official Trinity communications at your MyZone Trinity email address so you need to check it regularly, another service you will receive official communications through is your student information portal.
Keeping an eye on both will ensure you are up to date on all important messages throughout your studies.

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Accessing your email for the first time

To access your Trinity email account for the first time you need to have completed the following 3 steps:

  • Fully completed online registration at
  • Obtained your Trinity computer account username and initial password from your intray message
  • Set your password - See the advice on our username and passwords page

When you have completed the above steps, to access your Trinity email account:

  1. Browse to the MyZone sign-in page at
  2. Click the Sign in link near the top left of the page. New students will only be able to sign in after setting their own password - see the advice on our username and passwords page.
  3. Enter your Trinity email address, in the form, and your password
  4. You can access your Mail, Calendar and Drive via the links at the top right of the screen via the Apps icon
Settings, support & options are available via the settings icon gmail settingsat the top right of the screen

For further information on the MyZone service please see our main MyZone web pages.

Getting help

The answers to several common queries are outlined in our MyZone FAQ.
If you need assistance in using the email, calendar, Drive and other facilities please refer to Google's learning centre, which can always be accessed via the Help link, within settings gmail settingsat the top of the screen when logged into MyZone.

Information video on MyZone service

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