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Tip 4 - Your Online Lectures and Tutorials

Online Lectures and Tutorials

Learn about the services you'll use to attend your online lectures and tutorials.

Some of your modules will have live-streamed or recorded online lectures, as well as large and small-group webinars. Below you will find key information for watching online lectures and participating in webinars.

Accessing online lectures

You can access online lectures, tutorials and recordings via Blackboard Learn within the relevant module. When participating in live lectures and tutorials, you will typically be using Collaborate Ultra. Pre-recorded lecture material will typically be viewable as Panopto videos although this may vary by module.

Access Blackboard Learn

View the Introduction to Blackboard video

Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra allows you to join and participate in live lectures and tutorials. Participants can use a mix of webcams, microphones, text chat, slides, whiteboards and polls to interact. Your instructor controls whether Collaborate Ultra is available in your Blackboard module and the participant permissions, for example the option to share your webcam may be restricted in large sessions.

Learn more about Collaborate Ultra

Getting started with Collaborate Ultra

You can join a live online lecture or tutorial via your web browser (Google Chrome tends to work best with Collaborate) by clicking on the Collaborate Ultra link in the relevant module (if available). How you will use Collaborate Ultra will vary depending on your module so check with your instructor if you need further help. When using Collaborate Ultra for the first time, you will be prompted to set up your microphone and webcam before starting.

Learn more about getting started with Collaborate Ultra

Accessing recorded lectures

Your instructor may either pre-record a lecture or record a live lecture or tutorial. You will be able to view the recordings that have been uploaded via your modules on Blackboard Learn.

Collaborate Ultra (Webinar) recordings

To access Collaborate Ultra (webinar) recordings, click on the link in your module’s menu (if available). You will see the list of scheduled sessions. Click on the three horizontal lines in the top left of Collaborate Ultra to access the recordings section. You can use the filter on this screen to access older recordings if needed. Please check with your instructor if you are unsure whether a session was recorded.

View a video of how to access Collaborate recordings

Panopto Video Recordings

To access Panopto recordings, click on the link in your module’s menu (if available). You will see the Panopto folder with any available recordings in it. Some modules may embed recordings in particular folders instead – for example, alongside other content for a given week. Please check with your instructor if you are unsure where to find a video.

Collaborate Ultra and Panopto troubleshooting

Join Collaborate Ultra sessions using Google Chrome or Firefox via your laptop/computer whenever possible and ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. You can also join sessions via the Blackboard App or your mobile device’s web browser (if compatible) but not all features may be available on a mobile device. 

Issues with Collaborate or Panopto not loading on your device tend to be due to third-party cookies being blocked by your web browser. Please see this guide with details on how to enable cookies.

For more guides and video tutorials on Collaborate Ultra, visit the 'Student Help' section inside of Blackboard Learn.


For information on the various options for viewing your class timetables, check out our 'Finding your way' page.

Further information

Further information, such as troubleshooting guides, accessibility information and how to present in sessions can be found on Blackboard’s website under Collaborate Ultra Help for Participants.

Collaborate Ultra Help for Participants