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Tip 7 - Purchasing Hardware

Purchasing Hardware

Advice on purchasing the hardware you need for your course or projects.

Starting your studies can be an expensive time and while the IT Services computer rooms are available to you on campus; you may be considering buying a laptop for use in your studies.

Luckily, we have some advice on discounted laptops, which may help you with your coursework and projects.

Laptop Offers

As a student of Trinity, you can avail of discounts on both Windows and Apple laptops via several third-party websites.

When purchasing a laptop, you should ensure that it meets the minimum technical requirements for connecting to the Trinity network, as well as the minimum specifications to carry out your coursework.

HEAnet Store

Students can avail of discounts on both Windows laptops and Apple laptops via the HEAnet Store.

View HEAnet Store


Students can save up to 10% on MacBooks from 'Select'.

View ‘Select’ contact details


Please note when a computer is purchased in conjunction with these deals, the contract remains between the student and the computer supplier. These computers will be only supported by the supplier. IT Services has no role in the subsequent maintenance or repair of these machines. Students should carefully select the type of support they require with the supplier to ensure it meets their needs and the technical requirements for connection to the Trinity network.