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Tip 6 - Finding your Way

Finding your Way

Check out these student apps to find your timetable and other key Trinity online services.

To find your timetable and other key Trinity online services, there are various resources available for you, such as the Trinity Live mobile app and the Blackboard student timetable. Below you will find an overview of what you can do with each of these services.

Trinity Live Mobile App

The Trinity Live mobile app provides you with a simple way to access key Trinity online services such as your timetable, digital identification, library checkouts, fees and reserves, and more. The app also helps you to find College locations using built-in search, map, and directions features, as well as view how busy popular locations on campus are. Trinity Live is available on both iOS & Android.

Download Trinity Live

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Blackboard Student Timetable

The Blackboard Student Timetable provides you with a timetable calendar within Blackboard Learn. You can see when and where your classes are taking place as well as who your lecturer for each class is. The Blackboard timetable is only updated once a day so if you are unsure whether the information is accurate, double check it on your timetable available in SITS ( It’s also possible to sync your Blackboard Student Timetable with your MyZone Calendar or a calendar service on your smartphone.

Access Blackboard Learn

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