Secure data disposal & hard-drive destruction

When disposing an old device, following the standard electronic waste disposal procedures, if the device contains sensitive or confidential Trinity data then you should first remove the relevant storage media e.g. the hard drive, and arrange for it to be securely destroyed, or securely stored for future destruction.

The responsibility for carrying this out lies with the area that owns the device. There is no formal data disposal provider appointed by Trinity, however we have researched the market and, working with IT support staff from around Trinity we have determined that DiskShred meet a broad range of criteria to ensure secure, certified data disposal.

Once a number of hard drives or other media are ready for destruction then the relevant area can arrange for DiskShred to call on-site to carry out certified, secure data destruction.  Payment must be provided by the area arranging for the service and costs roughly €4-€5 per hard drive, depending on quantity and other criteria.  It is possible to have other digital media destroyed, such as CDs and the costing will be different depending on the items to be disposed.

DiskShred data disposal service

Please note that any interaction with this third-party company is at your discretion and IT Services are not responsible for any unintended outcome arising from such interaction.

To contact DiskShred and arrange for this service and get a quote please contact:

  • Jeremy Bryan | Business Development Manager
  • Mobile: +44 (0)7795198456| Phone: +44 (0) 2890 847911
  • Email: 

Description of DiskShred Process

Once you have arranged an on-site visit with DiskShred, here is an overview of how the data disposal process proceeds:

  1. DiskShred lorry arrives and is checked in and Trinity point of contact is met.
  2. DiskShred are escorted to the hardware that is to be disposed of and secure it in our security storage containers.
  3. The storage containers are transferred with an escort to the on-site DiskShred mobile shredding unit which is geo fenced and has internal CCTV monitoring all procedures.
  4. The hardware is then asset tracked and shredded. DiskShred have a seat in the vehicle for a witness if required with any necessary safety equipment provided.
  5. The customer signs the interim certificate of destruction after the shred and receives a waste transfer note.
  6. On return to DiskShred HQ a Certificate of Destruction is issued with the asset register and digital CCTV footage if requested. (This provides searchable evidence of individual items being destroyed by serial number).

Further information

  • There is a minimum site fee of €250 but this is waived for all jobs that cost more than that amount.  DiskShred recommend a minimum of 50+ hard drives to make it most cost effective for you.  As above, the typical cost is around €4-€5 per hard drive, with exact costs depending on quantity.
  • If you have a smaller number of hard drives to destroy then note that DiskShred can separate multiple jobs on one site, for different areas, and so not apply any minimum site fee.  These jobs can be charged separately or as a whole, but presented as separate certificates of destruction if necessary.  In a practical sense this means you can liaise with another area in Trinity to have DiskShred visit on a specific day and carry out work for both (or a number of) areas thereby negating the minimum site fee.
  • Standard desktop and laptop hard drives can be processed at up to 500 per hour while the server drives can be between 100 – 250 dependent on age and size.