We're making it easier for staff and postgraduates to connect to the Trinity Wi-Fi & Wired network

IT Services is pleased to announce an improvement in the process for connecting computers to the network in offices and labs around Trinity, and to the Staff Wi-Fi network.  A new system with greater automation allows you to get connected much more quickly, without the need to wait for your request to be manually processed.

What does this mean for me?

When you submit a request to connect your laptop or phone to the Trinity Wi-Fi & Wired network you won't have to wait for your request to be manually processed.  This makes the process of getting connected quicker and easier for you. 

The improved service is available 24/7 and requests for connection can be submitted via the network request form on the IT Services website.  Device registration is automatically completed within 30 minutes of you submitting a network request and an email is then sent to you from itservicedesk@tcd.ie with the configuration steps required to complete the network connection process. 

This improved service is also available to postgraduates who use wired network connections in offices and labs.

We are also improving the experience for our students by making the student Wi-Fi (TCDwifi) visible and available to choose from your list of nearby Wi-Fi networks.  Please remember TCDwifi is the dedicated student Wi-Fi.  Staff should always connect to the staff Wi-Fi, TCDwireless.