We're making it easier for students to connect to TCDconnect Student Wi-Fi

IT Services is pleased to announce an improvement in the process of connecting your devices to the TCDconnect student Wi-Fi service. From Thursday, 20th June the ‘TCDwifi’ student Wi-Fi network will be visible and available to choose from your list of nearby Wi-Fi networks.

What does this mean for me?

You’ll no longer have to manually configure your Wi-Fi settings when you first connect to the student Wi-Fi.  This will make the process easier and quicker for you.

Following this improvement, you will be able to connect to ‘TCDwifi’ by simply selecting it from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and logging on with your Trinity username and password.  You can then register your device for full internet access by going to the TCDconnect registration web page, which on most devices will open automatically.  

Further information

A full set of the new connection steps will be available on our TCDconnect web pages


As always, the TCDconnect student Wi-Fi continues to be secure and encrypted and accessible only to the Trinity community via Network Access Control (NAC).