Phishing simulation no. 4 in our Phishing Awareness and Education Campaign

Phishing Awareness and Education Campaign

Trinity College continues to be targeted by phishing, malware and cyber-attacks. More recently, phishing attacks have regularly come as emails appearing to be from our own colleagues within the University. As a way to reduce risk and inform staff of this ongoing issue, we are continuing our Phishing Awareness Campaign and in April 2018 we ran our fourth simulated phishing attack with Trinity staff

What is phishing?
In a typical phishing incident, you may receive an email asking you to reset your username and password and claiming to be from IT Services or any colleague in the University.

These messages often look legitimate and may have a recognisable sender name, even appearing to come from email address and may even appear to point to a legitimate website; however, ultimately the recipient will be redirected to a fraudulent website.

Phishing simulation no. 4 in the campaign

For more information about the fourth phishing simulation in the Phishing Awareness and Education Campaign, please see the summary report.