Phishing simulation no. 3 in our Phishing Awareness and Education Campaign

Phishing Awareness and Education Campaign

Over the last few months, IT Services continue to receive daily reports of email phishing attacks and, unfortunately, a number of Trinity staff and students have provided their username and password details in response to these fraudulent messages.  Those that fall victim to phishing put both Trinity College and themselves at risk.

With this in mind we are now actively running a Phishing Awareness and Education Campaign which will help us learn how Trinity staff respond when they receive a phishing message, so in turn we can help everyone to be prepared and respond better. 

What is phishing? 

In a typical phishing incident, you may receive an email asking you to reset your username and password or stating a fraudulent ‘charge to your account needs your urgent review’ and claiming to be from IT Services or an ‘IT Administrator’ or another familiar organisation such as Bank of Ireland or Apple.  

These messages often look legitimate and may have a ‘plausible’ sender address, some even appearing to come from email address or may even appear to point to a legitimate website; however, ultimately the recipient will be redirected to a fraudulent website.

Phishing simulation no. 3 in the campaign

For more information about the third phishing simulation in the Phishing Awareness and Education Campaign, please see the summary report.