IT Services Huddle Spaces

IT Services are pleased to launch a new service – the Arts 4066 Huddle Spaces. These are well-equipped, high-tech spaces that small groups can use to boost their collaboration and easily share images, videos, presentations and more. The Huddle Spaces are available now in Computer Room 4066, situated in the Arts Building. 

You can use the Arts 4066 Huddle Spaces to work in groups, of up to 6, and you will have access to new collaborative technology - Via Connect Collaborative screens. There are three separate Huddle Space available for groups to work and study together and you can share laptop and mobile device screens simultaneously and use a virtual whiteboard to share your ideas.
Each of the Arts 4066 Huddle Spaces have instructions available on how to use the Via Connect Collaborative screens, with step-by-step information on how to connect your laptops and mobile devices.  If you want to know more please see our website Arts 4066 Huddle Spaces or call in and try them out.