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We are installing new security certificates on our Wi-Fi networks

01 December 2021

From later in December 2021, you may notice that when connecting to the University Wi-Fi that you receive a prompt to accept, trust, or continue in order to connect. Don’t be alarmed by this prompt. It should only happen once and it is because we are installing a new security certificate on our Wi-Fi networks.

What do I need to do?

If you have a computer or phone that is connected to Trinity Wi-Fi networks, TCDwireless or TCDwifi, or if you are using eduroam (eduroam is used to connect to the Trinity network while you are visiting other institutions), then simply tap or click ‘accept’, ‘trust’, or ‘continue’ when prompted to do so.

If you have difficulty, then try re-selecting your chosen Wi-Fi network again from the available networks in your settings. Failing that, you can 'forget’ the Wi-Fi network and set it up again. (Learn more about connecting to the student Wi-Fi, staff Wi-Fi, and using eduroam to connect to the Trinity network while at another university / institution).

We’re always happy to help!

If you have any difficulty, then please contact the IT Service Desk.