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Say ‘hello’ to Two-Step Sign-In and enhanced security on your student email

12th January 2022

You may have noticed that when logging into your email it looked like you were logging into Microsoft 365.

This is because we were preparing your MyZone account for Two-Step Sign-In.

What is Two-Step Sign-In?

Two-step sign-in adds an extra layer of security to your email and ensures that your account can’t be used without your knowledge. You can also use it to change your forgotten or lost password any time you need to do so.

Once enabled, it protects your account by sending a six-digit randomised code to your mobile phone each time you are logging into your email with your Trinity username and password.

You will need to set up Two-Step Sign-In when we enable it on your email 

Later this month, we’ll be enforcing two-step sign-in across all student email accounts. When it is enforced, you’ll be required to set it up when you log onto to your MyZone email using your Trinity username and password.

Here’s how to set up Two-Step Sign-In*:

  1. Log onto to your MyZone email using your Trinity username and password
  2. You will see a prompt that requests more information, click Next
  3. On the next screen you will need to select your sign-in method (i.e., Authentication Phone)
  4. Select your country code from the dropdown (typically Ireland +353) and enter your mobile number
  5. From the dropdown, you should select ‘send me a code by text message’, click Next
  6. You will then receive a text message from Microsoft which will contain a 'verification code'

  7. Enter this code in the ‘additional security verification’ window, click Verify

*You can double-check the instructions for setting up Two-Step Sign-In on our website.

Want to get started using Two-Step Sign-In for your email before we enforce it?

It’s great to see that you are being proactive in keeping your email account safe!

You can enable two-step sign-in for your account by logging into with your Trinity username and password. Find step-by-step instruction on enabling two-step sign-in for your email on our website.


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