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Internet Connect - Internet-only Wi-Fi for staff

Internet Connect - Internet-only Wi-Fi for staff

Internet Connect is an internet-only connection for staff to connect their personal devices to the internet.

The types of devices you can connect are:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Kindle

The Wi-Fi connection is available in most areas of Trinity.

This service is for personal use and should not be used for College related work. For work related Wi-Fi, see the staff Wi-Fi service.

Who can use this service?


Getting started

For details about how to configure the service on your device, see the below link.

Connect your device to the "Internet Connect" service

IT Security on Internet Connect

In order to prevent unauthorised access, your username and password will be used to access this service and you must accept the Terms and Conditions. All relevant Trinity policies still apply to staff using Internet Connect with their personal devices, for example the Network Code of Conduct.

We recommend that you follow the advice and guidance on how you might improve the security of your personal device.

Devices and operating systems not included in the what you can connect list won’t be able to use Internet Connect. Trinity reserves the right to disconnect personal devices on Internet Connect without notification, if for example the device is lost, a staff member terminates his or her employment, a data or policy breach is detected or a virus or similar threat to the security of Trinity’s data and infrastructure is detected.

Trinity will not monitor the content of your personal devices, however reserves the right to monitor and log data traffic transferred between your device and Trinity IT systems. In exceptional circumstances, for instance where the only copy of a University document resides on a personal device, or where the University requires access in order to comply with its legal obligations, Trinity will require access to the Trinity data and information stored on your personal device.

Need further help?

Search the Knowledge Base for answers to commonly asked questions.

Still need help? Contact the IT Service Desk by one of the below methods.

Service desk opening hours are:
Monday - Thursday: 9.00am - 5.30pm
Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm