Guidance on how you might improve the security of your personal device

All users must understand that whenever you connect your personal device to Trinity’s WiFi network opportunities exist for introducing viruses, spyware or other malware or purposefully or inadvertently copying sensitive Trinity data to devices. As a result you could interrupt business operations, cause unplanned downtime for multiple users, and/or cause a data breach releasing Trinity data to unauthorised parties. IT Services provide online guidance to assist staff to use Internet Connect for your own personal devices and we strongly recommend that you consider the following guidance to improve your devices’ security:

  • Ensure you are familiar with your device and its security features. Consider setting up passwords, passcodes, passkeys or biometric equivalents, these must be of sufficient length and complexity for your particular type of device.
  • Maintain your personal device and ensure it is regularly patched and upgraded. Activate and use encryption services and anti-virus protection if your device offers these features.
  • Ensure that the device is not used for any purpose that would be at odds with the Trinity Policies.
  • Prevent theft and loss of data and consider setting up remote wipe facilities, if available, for use if you ever lose the device. In practice this might mean installing and configuring tracking and/or wiping services, such as Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone app’, Android’s ‘Where’s My Droid’ or Windows ‘Find My Phone’.
  • Take responsibility for any software downloaded onto your personal device.
  • Limit the number of emails and other information that you are syncing to your device to the minimum required and delete copies of attachments to emails, such as documents, spreadsheets and data sets, as soon as you have finished using them.
  • If you lose your personal device immediately change your Trinity password. (It is also recommended that you do this for any other services that have accessed via that personal device, e.g. social networking sites, online banks, online shops).
  • Be aware of Data Protection legislation and ensure personal data is handled appropriately. Ensure that no Trinity information is left on any personal device that is being disposed of or sold or transferred to a third party.  We recommend you return your device to the manufacturers’ factory settings before you sell, exchange or dispose it. If you have your own personal data on your devices then you are responsible taking additional precautions, such as backing it up in the event the device is lost.  Finally, please note, IT Services reserve the right to remote wipe devices if they have been used to access Trinity data.

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