Staff Wi-Fi - How to connect your mobile device

The information on this page will assist current Trinity staff in connecting their mobile device to the Trinity Staff Wi-Fi network. Those using the service will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions during the connection process outlined below. Should you make use of the service you are advised to read through our web page regarding good IT security practices for those using mobile devices.

Supported devices & requirements

The service is currently available to staff with the following devices:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices running iOS 4.3 to 11.x (with exception of 11.0.x).

  • Android devices running 4.0 or greater.

This service requires, for security, that you have a passcode lock set for your device. During registration you will be prompted to set a passcode lock if you do not already have one. It is your responsibility to remember this passcode as if you forget it you will have to do a restore from backup and so may lose data.

Registration & connection steps

Please choose the relevant link below:

Getting help

Please note that the connection of staff mobile devices to the Trinity Wi-Fi network is considered to be a self-supported service and so you may find it useful to consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for this service. If you encounter technical difficulties please contact the IT Service Desk.