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Network Requirements - Compliance and Removal from Network

A key aspect of our IT security work in IT Services is to ensure that all Windows PCs and Apple Macs connecting to the College network in offices and labs, and to the Staff Wi-Fi network, are running up-to-date versions of their operating system, and have our supported anti-virus software installed. This helps to keep both your data and College IT systems secure.

For those using Windows PCs on the network in offices and labs, and on the Staff Wi-Fi network, we use a Microsoft tool called MECM to push out monthly Windows Updates automatically, and this requires the installation of a piece of software called the MECM Agent. Additionally, for both Windows PCs and Apple Macs connected to these networks, we require the installation of the McAfee ePO Agent and McAfee Endpoint Security software.

When you request the connection of a PC or Mac to our network we'll carry out checks to make sure your device meets these requirements. Subsequently, where we identify a PC or Mac on the network in offices and labs, or on the Staff Wi-Fi network, which is running an unsupported version of Windows or macOS or which is not running the MECM Agent or ePO Agent then we will attempt to contact the person who last logged into the device with instructions on how to bring the device back into compliance. This may require an upgrade of the operating system, or simply the installation of the MECM Agent or ePO Agent.

Non-compliance and Removal from network

Where the nature of non-compliance constitutes a high-risk or where efforts to request action to be taken have failed, IT Services will proceed to technically disconnect the computer from the College network until the required actions are taken to bring the device back into a compliant state. Disconnection from the network may also be required where a computer has not been connected to our network for several months, and so has not been kept up-to-date with the latest security updates. Our advice is to ensure that computers which your area has an on-going requirement for be connected to the network on a frequent basis in order to receive the latest security updates, and to avoid disconnection due to inactivity.

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