Trinity-Owned Laptop Encryption Service - Windows PCs

How McAfee Drive Encryption Works

The solution used for Trinity-owned PC laptops is McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE). MDE fully encrypts the entire hard disk and all data including the operating system. As part of the installation a 'recovery key' is created. This 'recovery key' is used to decrypt the laptop in the case of maintenance on the laptop or expiry of account. The 'recovery key' is stored on a secure Trinity server and can only be accessed by IT Services staff.

This comprehensive encryption of the hard disk provides the best possible security should the laptop be lost or stolen, provided the user has not physically written down their username and password and left them somewhere that would allow them to be lost or stolen with the laptop. In the eventuality of theft an audit record exists confirming that all data and software on the laptop has been encrypted.

Please note that this service does not backup your data. All users are still responsible for backing up the data on the computers they use.

Leaving Trinity & Uninstalling McAfee Drive Encryption

As per the terms and conditions of this encryption service, if the user's account expires or is disabled all encryption facilities will be terminated. In the event of such termination users are obliged to contact the IT Service Desk so that the licensed MDE software can be removed.

This is of relevance to those members of staff planning to leave Trinity permanently. In this instance the member of staff should contact the IT Service Desk in advance to arrange for the uninstallation of the licensed MDE software.

Getting help, password issues & FAQ

If you have further queries regarding this service, please see the service description page and the password issues page. If you still require assistance please contact the IT Service Desk.