Trinity-Owned Laptop Encryption Service - Apple Macs

How McAfee Management of Native Encryption works

Management of Native Encryption, as the name implies, uses the native encryption client on the Mac known as FileVault to encrypt the hard drive of the Mac. The benefit to using the McAfee Management solution is that the 'recovery key' is stored on a secure Trinity server, rather than in iCoud, and can only be accessed by IT Services staff, thus meeting the high-security requirements related to confidential Trinity data.

The password that you will be using will be your Mac administrator password and not your Trinity network login password. However, you will login just after the start chime before Mac OS loads. Your Mac will be encrypted using FileVault as illustrated below.

FileVault settings

Getting help, password issues & FAQ

If you have further queries regarding this service, please see the service description page and the password issues page. If you still require assistance please contact the IT Service Desk.