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How to connect to the Staff Wi-Fi network and the College domain

The Staff Wi-Fi network is available, under the network name of "TCDwireless", in all Trinity campus locations.

Connection steps

There are six steps needed to join the College domain and connect to the Staff Wi-Fi network.

1. Turn on your computer and log in as Local Administrator account

Log on to an account that has administrative rights.

Note: Usually this account is called Administrator but it may have a different name. If an account does not have administrative rights, you will not be able to proceed. The password may be blank.  New computers out of the box will log on automatically with the Administrator account as the password will be blank.

2. Connect your computer to the Staff Wi-Fi network

  1. Click the network icon on the taskbar in the bottom-right of your screen

    • The network icon can appear in one of three states depending on your current connection status:

      • - No network connected
      • - Wi-Fi network connected
      • - Ethernet network connected

  2. View the list of Wi-Fi networks
    • On Windows 10, once you click on the network icon you will immediately see the list of Wi-Fi networks
    • On Windows 11, once you click on the network icon, you then have to click on the right-facing arrow beside the Wi-Fi icon to see the list of Wi-Fi networks

  3. Select the desired network from the list
    1. If you see a listing for TCDwireless, choose this and proceed to Step 4
    2. If you don't see a listing for TCDwireless, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Hidden Network. Tick Connect automatically followed by the Connect button.
      • If there are a large amount of Wi-Fi networks within range, you may have to scroll several times before seeing the option of 'Hidden Network'

      • You will then be prompted to enter the name (SSID) of the network. Enter TCDwireless followed by the Next button

  4. At this point you may be prompted to confirm that you want to "Continue connecting?". Choose Connect

  5. Next enter your Trinity username and password followed by OK

  6. If again, you are prompted to confirm that you want to "Continue connecting?". Choose Connect
  7. You will then be connected to the TCDwireless (Staff Wi-Fi) network

3. Rename your computer and join the college domain

  1. Using the Search button (magnifying glass) in the bottom of the screen, type Advanced system settings

  2. Choose View advanced system settings under Best match

  3. Click the Computer Name tab, and then click Change.

    Computer Name

  4. In the Computer name box, type the computer name provided by IT Services. In the Member of section, select Domain, and type, then click OK.

    Change Computer name

  5. You will be prompted for your Trinity username and password. Type your username in the form college\username, then type your password and click OK.
  6. After a few moments a 'Welcome to the college domain' message will appear. Click OK and select  ‘RESTART LATER’  so that you can proceed to the next Step for setting administrative access.

4. Set administrative access and password for Local Administrator account

  1. Move the cursor to the Start button at the bottom left corner of the screen, right click to display the menu illustrated below and select Computer Management

  2. In Computer Management window, click the triangle next to Local Users and Groups to expand that list.
  3. Click Groups.
  4. On the central panel, right-click Administrators and select Properties.
  5. Click Add.
  6. In the Enter the object names to select box, type your Trinity username in the form college\username and click Check Names. You will be prompted for your Trinity credentials. Type college\username and your password, then click OK.
  7. Add Users to Administrator Group
  8. Repeat the previous step to add IT Services admin group college\issgroup1. Repeat the previous step to add any other Trinity users that you wish to add as Administrators on the machine.
  9. Click OK, then click Apply.  Keep Computer Management open & proceed to set the local Administrator password as follows…
  10. Click on Users, Right Click on Administrator and choose the option to Set Password

  11. Close the computer management Window and Restart your computer.

5. Log on to your Trinity profile over a wireless connection

  1. After restarting your computer and before logging on, connect to TCDwireless first as follows:
  2. Click on the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right of your Windows login screen.

  3. Select "TCDwireless" from the list of displayed networks.
  4. When prompted enter your Trinity username and password.
  5. When TCDwireless shows as connected, click Other User in the bottom left of the screen.
  6. Log on to the computer with your Trinity username and password.

6. Ensure your computer meets Trinity security policies

  1. Make sure a Trinity approved anti-virus solution is installed and up to date
  2. Ensure your computer is set up to receive automatic operating system updates.
  3. Contact the IT Service Desk to complete the security checks.
    • Once you have performed the above tasks please contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 2000 and quote your ticket number. The IT Service Desk personnel will go through some further security checks before closing your network request application.