Maintaining Trinity websites - Editing RSS news feeds & DreamFeeder

Getting started

RSS Dreamfeeder is used on older style Trinity websites to manage RSS news feeds.

If you are working on an newer style website with templates, please see the Digital Team's Trinity Theme Handbook.

If you are working on an older style website and your site has been setup by the Digital team to use RSS news feeds, please refer to the RSS DreamFeeder installation and configuration guide (PDF) to get started. Please note; you must be running a compatible version of Dreamweaver (see below)

Getting help

To get your site setup for RSS news feeds or to get new feeds setup please contact the Digital Team.

To get assistance with the installation and configuration of RSS DreamFeeder please contact the IT Service Desk.

To help determining if your website is the old or new style please see our General Questions section in our FAQ.

DreamFeeder is only available if you are running Dreamweaver CS5.5 or earlier on PC or Dreamweaver CS5 or earlier on Mac.