IT Services Alerts - Office 365 Licence Renewal Work, July 12th, 08:30-10:00

First Posted: 5th July at 15:40

We will be applying a new licence to the Trinity instance of Office 365 on the morning of Thursday 12th July.

This is a standard procedure from Microsoft and will mean no changes to the Office 365 service you currently enjoy.

The licence renewal will take place from 08:30-10:00 on Thursday 12th July, during which time we expect no disruption to Office 365, OneDrive, Skype or Email services.

However, as the work is in process these services will be deemed “at-risk”, and we will be monitoring them closely.

What does this mean for me:

From our testing, we expect the vast number of colleagues will see no alerts, or interruptions in Outlook email client, or when their licence is upgraded and will continue to use the services without issue.

A small number of colleagues may see an alert that the “Microsoft Exchange Administrator has made changes” , may have to reapply language or time zone settings, or may see that a folder or mailbox is unavailable. If this happens, signing out of online services, or restarting Outlook will renew your licence and you can continue to enjoy the service.

Further information on the possible alerts, how to recognise them and resolve can be found here: Office 365 Licence Upgrade Alerts

Thank you for your cooperation with this licence renewal process, your support is valued.

Kind regards,
IT Services