IT Services Alerts - Updated: Chemistry Building planned power outage, March 13th, 08:00-09:00

Updated Monday 12th March 19:00

Estates & Facilities have informed us that there wll be a planned power outage from 08:00 -09:00 tomorrow morning, Tuesday 13th March in the Chemistry building

This will affect Lab 0.14 and the Global Health area and will result in an network outage, meaning no internet or wifi services for the majority of occupants of the building during the outage period.

Updated: Monday 12th March 10:20

Power has been restored to the Chemistry Building and internet services are back.

If further issues are experienced please contact the IT Service Desk at 01.896 2000


First Posted: Monday 12th March 09:30

We are aware of an issue in the Chemistry building and are working with Estates & Facilities to restore services to the building.

The main fuse board is blown and is being restored which could take up to one hour, while this is happening there is no power in the building and all internet services are unavailable. 

More updates will be available here

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