IT Services Alerts - How to protect yourself from Email Phishing., March 9th, 16:20

First Posted: Friday 9th March 16:20

The following email has been sent to all staff:


Dear Colleagues,

Over the last few days IT Services have received multiple reports of email phishing attacks and, unfortunately, a large number of Trinity staff have provided their username and password details in response to these fraudulent messages.  Those that fall victim to phishing put both Trinity College and themselves at risk.  It is important to remain vigilant, so watch out for an email that is unexpected, sent after business hours, or if you are replying from a mobile device where it may be harder to see the exact address of the sender or the links they are sending you to.  Remember you can always call a person\organisation directly to check they have contacted you.

Recent examples of this include an email purporting to be from a Trinity staff member which asked to take action regarding the closure of your “mailbox account”. Regrettably, a number of staff have fallen victim to this phish and have unwittingly provided their Trinity username and password and then find their own Trinity email used to phish others.  If you think you have fallen prey to this, or any other phishing email, here are two things you can do to protect yourself:

  1. Change your password:  
  2. Report the email to IT Service Desk, ( and let them know if you have fallen victim to a phish.

We thank you for your time reading this, it is important to be informed in order to protect yourself, your data and identity from phishing organisations. It is easy to be alarmed by a phishing email, they are designed to get us to act without question.

Kind regards,
IT Services

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