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Student Account Information

Here you will find answers to the most common questions on student accounts and passwords.

If your query is not answered here, please contact the IT Service Desk for more information.

Password Questions

Why should I change my password?

Passwords are often broken, stolen or cracked without the knowledge of the victim. For instance, this can happen as a result of a phishing email or through malware.

Very often stolen passwords are not used immediately. If you change your password regularly, even if your password is somehow stolen, the thief does not have the opportunity to use it.

How can I change my network login password?

1: Using Trinity MyPassword

MyPassword is a web-based service that Trinity students can use, it will allow you to change your MyZone password in tandem with your Trinity network login password. You can use it from anywhere with internet access.

Trinity MyPassword

2: Using a computer connected to domain

It is very easy for you to change your network login password only, using a Windows computer connected to the domain.

Here are the steps to change your password using a computer connected to domain:

  1. On the keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2. Click Change a password.
  3. Type the old password, then the new password and confirm it.

3: Using Password Manager

Password Manager is an alternative web-based service that Trinity students can use, however it will only allow you to change your network login password, but not your MyZone password.

  1. Browse to the Password Manager login page at
  2. Enter your username (do not include and under Select location: select COLLEGE (all student Trinity accounts are in the COLLEGE domain). Click OK.
  3. Click Manage My Passwords
  4. Type your current network login password
  5. Type and confirm your new network login password. Click Finish to proceed.

How can I set a secure password?

To ensure your password is secure it must follow the below regulations:

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • have a mix of upper and lowercase characters
  • include at least one numeric character OR a special character such as ! @ $ % * _ - + = ~
  • not include £ € : ? | space
  • not include part of your first name, last name or username
  • not be the same as any of your previous 24 passwords

Good to know: your password can only be changed once in any 24 hour period

How can I change my MyZone password?

Using MyPassword to change your MyZone & Network login passwords at the same time.

The easiest way to set your MyZone password is via the 'Set Password' link. You will be asked for your Trinity username and initial/current password after clicking on the 'Set Password' link.

Trinity MyPassword

Will my network login password expire?

  • New students: Following successful online registration, students receive an Intray message at containing their Trinity username and initial network login password. All students are required to change their initial network login password within 14 days of first using it, otherwise the initial password expires. Once the student has set their own password there is no further password expiry policy implemented.
  • All other students: There is no set time limit on your network login password, but it is recommended that you change your password regularly to ensure security of your account.

Will my MyZone password expire?

There is no expiry policy implemented for MyZone passwords.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

If you have forgotten your network login password, there are two things you can do.

  • You can reset your password using the Password Manager Service, you must be registered for the service prior to using it to reset a forgotten password.
  • You can come in person to the IT Service Desk on the ground floor of Áras an Phiarsaigh and we will reset your account here. Remember to bring your Trinity ID card.

Account Questions

How do I get access to my username and initial network password?

Information on obtaining your network username and password can be found on the obtain your password page.

Can I change my Trinity username?

It is not possible to request that usernames be changed unless your personal details are entered incorrectly in Trinity's student records. In such case, please contact the Academic Registry. Once your student record has been updated please contact the IT Service Desk to have your username likewise updated.

Change in status (Undergraduate to Postgraduate / Student to Staff)

If you are changing status from:

  • Undergraduate to Postgraduate - if you are progressing directly from undergraduate to postgraduate status then you will keep the same username and your current password.
  • Student to Staff - you will not be able to retain your student username when you move to staff status. You will receive a new staff number and also a new Trinity username and email address. As a Trinity staff member you are obliged to use this new username and email address. You may wish to set email forwarding from the old email address to the new one, or vice-versa.

Will I be informed when my account will expire?

As you approach the completion of your time as a registered Trinity student you will be notified by email that your Trinity username, and associated computer account, will expire. You will be emailed with at least 2-week's notice prior to the date of expiry and your computer account will expire automatically after that date.

Good to know:

  • Your MyZone email account is for life and will not expire and so there is no need to backup email or data files held in your MyZone account.
  • Similarly most students will retain access to records at after leaving Trinity.

What do I do if I believe my account should not be expired?

If you believe your account has been incorrectly set to expire then you should contact the Academic Registry during the two-week notice period in order to avoid the automatic expiring of the account.

Should your computer account have already expired then it cannot be reactivated until you have been re-registered for Trinity.

What will happen to my data when my account is expired?

Prior to the account expiring, you should backup any data held in your personal filestorage folder, OneDrive or on other IT systems in Trinity which you will be ultimately losing access to.

What should I do to save any files I have on the network or in Personal Filestorage?

It is vital that you create a copy of any files you wish to keep as you will not be able to access files saved on the Trinity systems after your account has expired. See our page on how to backup files from personal filestorage for examples of the recommended approach. Backing up of files must be done prior to the account expiry date. As you retain your MyZone email account after finishing in Trinity there is no need to backup that data, nor data held at as you will still have access to this service after your account expires.

Can I request that my data files be retrieved after my account expires?

IT Services will not be in a position to retrieve any data files subsequent to the expiry date of the account.

Will my MyZone email account expire?

Your Trinity MyZone email account, provided by Google, is yours for life and so it is not affected by the expiry of your Trinity computer accounts.

After your computer account expires you should contact the TCD Alumni Relations Office at +353 (0)1 896 2088 if you have problems accessing your MyZone account. Should you need assistance in using MyZone, visit the extensive Help pages by clicking on the links on the top of the MyZone login page.

Will I still have access to information at

Yes, after your Trinity computer account expires you will still be able to access your records at If you have difficulties logging in at then select the 'Forgotten your password' option on the login page at and follow the steps on screen.

My device connects to the Trinity network, how do I remove the settings?

Those connected to the TCDconnect service should follow the instructions for removing the TCDconnect settings.

Postgraduates connected to the wired network in Trinity offices and labs should follow the steps for removing Trinity software and settings.

I am going off-books and will not be sitting exams - what are my computer account entitlements?

Students who go off books and who will not be sitting exams will retain access to their MyZone email account, as this email account is for life, but will have their main Trinity computer account expired. For that reason it will be necessary to backup any important data from Trinity IT systems before going off-books. Upon returning to Trinity and re-registering your computer account will be re-activated.

Why is my account locked out?

In some cases your computer account can become 'locked out'. There are several reasons why this can happen:

  • You enter your password incorrectly 15 times
  • An application which stores your Trinity network login password tries to login multiple times unsuccessfully
  • Someone tries to access your account without your knowledge

For these reasons, and to help with IT security, your account may become locked..

How do IT Services Administer lockouts?

To protect against potential hacking in to an account, if there are 15 consecutive unsuccessful attempts to login to the network within any 30-minute period, the account is automatically locked for the period of 4 hours

How do I unlock my account?

If you need to unlock your account here are the options available to you:

  • You can unlock your account by using Password Manager but only if you have already registered for this service
  • You can come in person to the IT Service Desk on the ground floor of Áras an Phiarsaigh and we will unlock your account here. Remember to bring your valid student card

How do I register with Password Manager?

All relevant information is available on the Password Manager page.

What if my account is repeatedly locked out?

We will need to investigate the problem in more detail. If your account is repeatedly locked out, please contact the IT Service Desk and be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The exact lockout times
  • List devices you are using on the Trinity network
  • List applications that are using your Trinity network login password
  • Try to recall if you have revealed your password to anybody either in person or via web

Why is my account disabled?

Accounts are disabled for various reasons. If your account has been disabled please contact the IT Service Desk.

What is the difference between Password Manager and

  • Password Manager (if you register with it) will allow you to unlock your account and reset your password if you have forgotten it
  • will allow you to change your MyZone and network login passwords at the same time

Password Manager questions

See our Password Manager FAQ

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