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The Canada-EU Exchange

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This is a student exchange programme for three students between the Irish School of Ecumenics and three universities in Canada: the University of Manitoba, the University of Waterloo, and Saint Paul University in Ottawa.  The specific focus of this student exchange concerns the peace studies and conflict resolution programmes at each university.  Students recieve a stipend of 6,000 euro each for this trip, to cover travel and accommodation for a four month period, from January to April. Students will attend relevant courses in the Canadian university and submit material for assessment as appropriate. Students interested in applying for this exchange programme must provide a completed application form from the selected Canadian university, a letter of motivation and a letter of support from their supervisor or course coordinator. Further information about the three Canadian universities and their peace studies or conflict resolution programme can be found on the following websites:

If you are a student at one of these Canadians institutions, and you interested in coming to ISE as part of the Canada-EU exchange, you should seek further advice about the exchange from your home institution. Please note that applications for the Exchange are through the home institution, rather than through Trinity.

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