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Visiting Research Assistant

Dr Federica De Sisto




Contact Details

Federica De Sisto holds a BA in Political Science from Luiss University, Rome, a Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Actions from the University of Siena and a Ph.D. in Peace Studies from the Irish School of Ecumenics.

She has been a visiting scholar at the Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, the University of Manitoba, Canada and Western Michigan University, USA.

Federica serves as a human rights advisor for international and community-based organizations in several countries including Bangladesh, Ethiopia, South Africa, Peru and Nigeria.

Her current research focuses on gender, ethnic and religious minorities, and refugees and asylum seekers in Italy- from arrival to the country to their legal recognition.

Areas of expertise
Peacebuilding, NGOs, Humanitarian Aid and Development, Gender, Minorities rights, Refugees.

Select publications
Forthcoming (2016), De Sisto F. and Konatè M. 'From a Woman's Eye: Kel Tamasheq Women and the Conflict In Northern Mali', in Dibie R. (ed.), Women Empowerment for Sustainability in Africa. Abingdon, UK and New York: Routledge Press, Taylor & Francis group.

Forthcoming (September 2015), De Sisto F. 'Inclusion-Exclusion of Women in Local Peace-Making Systems in the Kaffa Society of Ethiopia'. In Flaherty M., Matyok T., Senehi J., Byrne S. and Tuso H. (eds.), Gender and Peacebuilding: All Hands Required. Lanham: Lexington Books.

2014, De Sisto F. 'Donors' Conditionality in Conflict Scenarios: The Difficult Relationship Between Grant Aid Agencies and Beneficiaries', in Dansero E., De Filippi F., Fantini E., Marocco I. (eds.), Imagining Cultures of Cooperation - Proceedings of the III CUCS Congress, Turin 19-21 September 2013, JUNCO - Journal of Universities and international development Cooperation, 1: 1, 500-503.

2014, De Sisto F. 'From Conflict Escalation to Conflict Transformation: Actual and Potential Role of Stories and Storytelling among Marginalized Occupational Minorities in Southern Ethiopia', International Journal of African Development, 1:2, 83-92.

2013, De Sisto F. 'From Theory to Practice: Potentials and Pitfalls of a Rights-Based Approach to Discrimination in the Kaffa society of Ethiopia', in Louis Brennan (ed.), Enacting Globalization: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on International Integration, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 33-42.

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