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Dr David Mitchell

Assistant Professor, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation



Contact Details
Direct Tel: +44 (0) 28 9037 3989
General Tel: +44 (0) 28 9077 5010

David Mitchell's research interests are in contemporary Northern Ireland politics, the politics of peace processes, and the roles of religion and sport in transitions out of conflict. After a BA in History and Philosophy and MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, David completed a doctorate in Politics at Ulster University (Magee) where he also taught. Prior to joining ISE, David worked on projects based at the University of Aberdeen, Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health and Ulster University, carrying out qualitative and quantitative research among politicians, ex-combatants, religious activists, top-level and grassroots sports organisations, LGB, ethnic minority and transgender groups, and the general public.

Areas of expertise
Northern Ireland history and politics
Peace and conflict studies
Politics and sociology of sport

Modules taught
Foundations of Conflict Resolution Research
Contemporary Conflict and Peacemaking: Global Perspectives
Research Skills

Select publications

Mitchell, David, Etain Tannam and Sarah Wallace (2018) 'The Agreement's impact on political cooperation', Irish Political Studies, 33:3, 283-310.

Mitchell, David (2018) 'Non-nationalist politics in a bi-national consociation: the case of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland', Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 24:3, 1-12.

Mitchell, David (2018) 'Northern Ireland's Twenty Years of Troubled Peace', Current History, 117: 797, 89 - 95.

Mitchell, David and Megan Miller (2017) 'Reconciliation through language learning? A case study of the Turas Irish language project in East Belfast'. Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Hargie, Owen, David Mitchell and Ian Somerville (2017) '"People have a knack for making you feel excluded if they catch on to your difference": transgender experiences of exclusion in sport'. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 52(2), 223-239.

Mitchell, David, Ian Somerville and Owen Hargie (2016) 'Sport for peace in Northern Ireland? Civil society, change and constraint after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement'. British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 18:4, 981-996.

John Brewer, David Mitchell and Gerard Leavey (2016) 'Northern Ireland: Religion and Transitional Justice', Conflict Studies Quarterly, 14, 74-91.

Mitchell, David (2015) Politics and Peace in Northern Ireland: Political Parties and the Implementation of the 1998 Agreement. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Hargie, Owen, Ian Somerville and David Mitchell (2015) Sport and Social Exclusion in Northern Ireland: A Report on Research Funded by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minster. Belfast: OFMDFM.

Brewer, John, David Mitchell and Gerard Leavey (2013) Ex-combatants, Religion and Peace in Northern Ireland: The Role of Religion in Transitional Justice. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Mitchell, David (2012) Assessing Spiritual Need in Victims and Survivors of the Northern Ireland Conflict. Belfast: Journey Towards Healing/Compass/OFMDFM.

Mitchell, David (2010) 'Sticking to their guns? The politics of arms decommissioning in Northern Ireland, 1998-2007'. Contemporary British History, 24(3), 341-61.

Mitchell, David (2010) 'Conditions for peace in Northern Ireland and Israel-Palestine'. Peace Review, 22(3), 280-87.

Mitchell, David (2009) 'Cooking the fudge: constructive ambiguity and the implementation of the Northern Ireland Agreement, 1998-2007'. Irish Political Studies, 24(3), 321-36

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