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Current PhD projects include

The Use of Video Conferencing in Peace Education

Peace Journalism and Conflict in the Horn of Africa

UNSC 1325 and Women’s Peacebuilding in Armenia and Azerbaijan

Feminist Peace Activism in the Yugoslav wars

Engaging Men to End Gender Based Violence in Kenya

Secular Humanitarian Responses to Disasters in Religious Contexts

The Theology of Henri de Lubac

The Role of Memory in Dealing with the Past: Transcending the Victim-Perpetrator Paradigm in Northern Ireland

The Relationship between Evangelicalism and Islam in the Southern United States

The Impact of Immigration on Religious Identities and Inter-Religious Dialogue in Ireland and Germany

Re-imaging Space at the Intersection of Theatre and Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland and Beyond

Political Leadership and Conflict Transformation: Women, Politics and Peace in Northern Ireland

Shared Space and Ethnic Identity in Divided Cities: Belfast, Jerusalem, Brussels

LGBT Lives and Stories in Belfast, Gospel Narratives and Practical Theology

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