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Malika Cox (2017)


I began my search for a Masters of Philosophy in a global peacebuilding program a few years before I entered the Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation program in September 2016. I chose the Trinity College Dublin CRR course at the Irish School of Ecumenics because of the academic reputation of TCD and the location of Belfast as a post-conflict society. I can say that the program exceeded my expectations and I have learned so much over the past academic year when it comes to conflict studies, conflict analysis and resolution, peacebuilding, transitional justice and the process involved in reconciliation after conflict.

The CRR course offered many modules that provided a great balance in both theory and practice. I especially found the field trips throughout each semester highly beneficial as well as the diverse guest speakers such as field practitioners, regional peacemakers, global diplomats, mediators, and ex-paramilitary community members. The intensives that were available gave the students the opportunity to participate in dynamic and engaging mediation and conflict transformation work. I chose the community placement module and was able to spend a semester with Clonard Monastery which is known for its part in the Northern Ireland peace talks that led to the Good Friday Peace Agreement. During my time at Clonard, I was mentored by respected peace activists and participated in cross-community reconciliation work, festivals, workshops, banquets, and seminars.

Regarding my research, I benefited incredibly by having my supervisor in Palestine while I undertook my fieldwork. Because of this my understanding of the root conflict issues of this region greatly deepened and brought the experiential learning to the theoretical. I am confident that because of my supervision for my dissertation, I was able to produce a much more meaningful piece of work which ended up being jointly awarded the James Haire dissertation award. I highly recommend the CRR course and I am incredibly grateful for the quality educators and education I received at TCD ISE in Belfast.

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