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‘Resistance to Empire and Militarization’, Edited by Prof. Jude Lal Fernando

March 2020

In ‘Resistance to Empire and Militarization: Reclaiming the Sacred’, Professor Jude Lal Fernando, Director of the Trinity Centre for Post Conflict Justice, gathers critically reflective articles by 25 leading and emerging scholars and practitioners from religious and non-religious backgrounds, representing three generations of survivors of imperial invasions and genocidal massacres across the globe. In the words of Sung-Jae Kim (president of Kim Dae-Jung Nobel Peace Prize Memorial, Professor at Hanshin University and former South Korean minister of culture and tourism), “The authors invite us on a journey of overcoming imperialism and militarization to save humankind and nature, and to a life of peace, restoring our divinity and humanity.” See more staff publications.

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