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How do some community leaders overcome social traps? - Seminar - 6 April 2016

A seminar with Professor Michael Cowan on identifying barrier-crossing leaders.

A 'social trap' is a situation where individuals, groups or organisations are unable to cooperate owing to mutual distrust and lack of social capital, even where cooperation would benefit all. (Rothstein, Social Traps and the Problem of Trust). Prof Cowan will present his research work on 'barrier-crossing leaders' who have actually broken through social traps in divided communities around the world from New Orleans to Belfast, Dublin, London, Seoul, Singapore, Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Latin America, and the Phillipines. He is also interested to draw on the expertise of ISE colleagues, students and alumni to further the study.

Date: Wednesday April 6th, 10-11am

Venue: G7, Irish School of Ecumenics/Loyola Institute Building

Michael A. Cowan, Ph.D is a Visiting Research Fellow, Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin, Professor at the Institute for Ministry, Loyola University New Orleans and a Fellow, Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict, the University of Oxford.

Read more about the seminar here.

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