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Dr Brendan Ciarán Browne awarded grant from the Wellcome Trust

Sitting at the intersection between STEM and a range of social science disciplines, (including sociology, politics and anthropology), this research funded by the Wellcome Trust, critiques understandings of 'Resilience' and 'Risk' from a Palestinian youth perspective. Those growing up in Palestine must transition from adolescence to adulthood whilst negotiating the everyday difficulties associated with an entrenched and expanding apparatus of occupation. By moving beyond the favoured quantitative analysis of 'resilience', the work seeks to gain a deeper and more critical understanding of the usefulness of the terminologies; 'risk', 'resilience' and 'resistance' from the perspective of Palestinian youth. Availing of firsthand qualitative research, with Palestinian youth as active research participants, the work will shed light on strategies of 'resistance' and 'coping' that are often sanitised in more rigid quantitative research frameworks. The work is funded by the Wellcome Trust and is part of the ISSF Seed Funding award successfully won by Prof. Mani Ramaswami (TCIN).




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